In a Creative Rut


I’m still trying to find my place as student and independent creative, sometimes neglecting the value in participating in and sharing my art for the love it as well! After I finish a project, I’m very hypercritical of my work and know this stops me from advancing forward. I get wrapped up in who I want to be in the future, what I want my style to look like, and what I’d like to be working on that I place less value on where I’m at now. I’m realizing more and more that my improvement will only come from continued practice and reflection, collaboration with other creative thinkers, and critique of my current work.

This summer, I challenged myself in a way that I haven’t before. I decided to take on a couple of small wedding shoots and one engagement shoot. I’m so glad to have explored a different realm of the business and without a doubt can say I’d love to incorporate working with couples as I move forward in my endeavors!

Long story short, I want to share the images/projects that I’ve been the most proud of the past couple of months. I’m releasing myself of the hypercritical eye and sharing what I love because I love it. I’m hoping to get myself out of this creative rut embrace the freedom to make “mistakes” as I look forward to working on future projects!

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